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Blue ImageMVIFilePlus: Fax Solution for Canon iR devices

This product may be of help to send faxes through a Canon iR device.

Basically two types of input are supported:

Some customisation will always be required: The fax number of the document should be communicated one way or the other.
Quite often a home made application will be able to supply this information in a simple manner, for example as an argument on the command line.
In other cases the MVI fax program will search for this information within the data stream itself.
In general a solution will be found easily after a short discussion with the customer.

Normally the MVI fax driver will be working from within a printer queue and the customer simply sends his data (sometimes with the fax number as an argument of the command line).

Technically this solution works in the following manner:

  1. The input data (PostScript or PCL) are rasterised in a fax group G4 bitmap.
  2. This bitmap is, together with the fax number, transformed into a CPCA file.
  3. The CPCA file is then send to the iR device, which should of course have a fax board.
  4. Finally the iR device will send the fax. As a special option it is possible to send the fax with a customer defined form or overlay.

The MVIFilePlus solutions can be implemented either on a UNIX, Linux or MS Windows workstation or as a print server in a "black box" serving various laser printers at the same time..

The MVI Success Stories page gives some examples of other implemented solutions.


For a MVIFilePlus product you can contact your local Canon sales representative who will make the link with MV-Informatique.
Otherwise you may always contact MV-Informatique directly: see the Contact Us page.


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