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Blue ImageMVIFilePlus: Optimised Printer Queues

This product may be of help to optimise printing on laser printers in the following cases.

* If printing on a laser printer does not reach the desired output speed.
* Jobs would come out in a different order than expected, in connection with certain UNIX systems.

Some UNIX applications produce documents consisting of one job per page. For small documents this is no problem. For large documents, however, this may generate a large number of (almost simultaneous) jobs on the printer. Especially some Canon iRXXXX devices may be slow under these circumstances.

Also some UNIX systems (for example SCO UNIX) may send the jobs in a certain order, but the printer will print them in a different order. The MVIFilePlus solution will concatenate all the jobs into one file and then send that file to the printer. It will do the concatenation in a separate file for each UNIX login, so different users will not interfere with each other. After a certain time out the reception of jobs will be considered as finished and the resulting data will be send to the printer. This solution may require some customising with respect to the time-out parameters. The solution works both for PostScript and PCL printer queues.

The MVIFilePlus solutions can be implemented either on a UNIX, Linux or MS Windows workstation or as a print server in a "black box" serving various laser printers at the same time..

The MVI Success Stories page gives some examples of other implemented solutions.


For a MVIFilePlus product you can contact your local Canon sales representative who will make the link with MV-Informatique.
Otherwise you may always contact MV-Informatique directly: see the Contact Us page.


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