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Blue ImageMVIFilePlus: Printing with overlays

SQue has some support of overlay printing in PCL. This is described in the manual(s) of SQue.

The MVIFilePlus solution consists of a dedicated printer queue including automatic overlay printing.
It may include the development of the overlays.

For Canon printers, when existing HP PCL overlays are available it is possible to transform them into Canon compatible overlays.
Even though a Canon device does support PCL overlay with the standard HP PCL macros, the file format for overlays is Canon proprietary.

If you want to replace a matrix printer with pre-printed forms by a laser printer, printing a page multiple times on a form this is possible too.
Another possibility is the printing of one form on the front page, and another on the back page.

The MVIFilePlus solutions can be implemented either on a UNIX, Linux or MS Windows workstation or as a print server in a "black box" serving various laser printers at the same time.

The MVI Success Stories page gives some examples of other implemented solutions.


For a MVIFilePlus product you can contact your local Canon sales representative who will make the link with MV-Informatique.
Otherwise you may always contact MV-Informatique directly: see the Contact Us page.


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