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Welcome to MV-Informatique

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On this site we present MV-Informatique and its range of products for UNIX and Linux printing.

SQue 11.x a genuine UNIX printer driver.
CQue 3.x a Linux printer driver for Canon devices.
CPrint and CIMPrint UNIX & Linux printer driver for Canon LFP imagePROGRAF devices
- Customisation and adaptation of all kind of printer related issues for end users.

You will find here also the full documentation, data sheets and technical manuals as well as a forum where customers, technical support engineers and developers may exchange experiences and solutions.


MV-Informatique is a software developing company in Switzerland issued out of the French company SIC International founded in 1986.
After developing of a full functioning graphics program for UNIX, MV-Informatique specialised in the field of printing on UNIX platforms, in the widest sense of that word.

Although MV-Informatique is and remains an independent software provider, its main focus is on Canon devices: copier devices of the iR and CLC range and LBP as well as imagePROGRAF LFP printers. MVI proposes specially adapted driver versions for Canon devices, including office as well asr professional printing.

MV-Informatique and Canon France concluded a partnership agreement. MVI not only develops standard printing solutions for Canon devices, but also assures installations, customisations and adaptations on request of customers. It acquired over the years a wide field of experience in France and other European countries.

Based on that experience MV-Informatique and Canon Europe concluded a partnership agreement at the end of 2004. This means that you will find SQue 10.x and CQue 2.x for Canon directly and exclusively on the site of Canon.

Customisation services, grouped under the header MVIFilePlus, include: Adaptation of printer data streams of existing applications, printer driver customisations, on-demand software for end users in UNIX, Linux as well as Windows environments.

To better satisfy customers, technical engineers and sales representatives MVI supports a forum where you may find a whealth and growing amount of information. It will also display possible development issues, projects etc.


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